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Pijaz brings together images and text effects with unmatched speed and sophistication. Create a wide range of personalized image-based products, marketing material and social media content.

Pijaz gives you the ability to deliver images to your users and customers that are:

Pijaz can help you differentiate your solutions.

Pijaz offers two levels of service: the basic level is free for evaluation and individual use. Premium services are available for businesses that require advanced imaging effects at high resolution or high volume. For more information, contact us.

Unleash the creativity of your consumers – pijaz it!

mass customization

In a world of consumer-generated products, the world of Nike ID, Zazzle and photobooks, imaging is king. Pijaz provides interactive, personalized solutions at 5-100x faster than the nearest competitors and at a fraction of the cost of current industry norms of one-off production.

Historically, most preview options have relied on Flash, creating a significant problem in an increasingly mobile world. Pijaz maintains its speed and stability on all major platforms including Android, iOS, Mac and Windows.


Pijaz’s fast, interactive, personalizable image production brings your brand into your consumer’s reality. We enable brands to become a welcome, relevant part of consumers’ digital lives. Pijaz’s powerful personalization tools encourage the fan to carry that enthusiasm into his or her online social environments.

Yes, Pijaz can deliver personalized messages, but we can also empower your fan base to create and share their own brand-oriented, personalized imagery. Harness the creativity and passion of your customers to create viral advertising campaigns.


Pijaz interactively makes the combination of words and images more interesting to share on social networks.

Click-to-play: users can generate and share images that are actually gateways to another create and share opportunity.

Create synergy between social and advertising through the creation of the virtual living room filled with user-selected and generated imagery, brands and words. For more information, contact us.

Don't Just Stand There. Stand Out.

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Pijaz labs is a fun place where we showcase experimental and proof-of-concept demos that are not quite ready for prime time.

Go to pijaz labs

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Time to play.

Visit our social site to compose your own creations. You can then instantly share your pijaz messages via email, facebook, pinterest, copy/paste or short url.


Built from the ground up for flexibility and rapid enhancement, pijaz offers the most efficient and comprehensive media rendering solution available.

Pijaz is a cloud-based SaaS (software as a service) platform that produces amazing, personalized Adobe Photoshop-quality image compositions -- fast. Without depending on Adobe creation or viewing solutions such as Adobe Flash or Adobe Photoshop, pijaz combines a wide variety of specialized visual effects for both preview and full-resolution media to deliver interactive, engaging and personalized experiences on any browser – including mobile.

Key differentiators:

The Pijaz platform is:

Fast. Written in highly optimized C++, it leaves other image rendering solutions in the dust. Small images take longer to deliver than to render. A typical personalized image under 400 X 400 pixels can be rendered in under 50ms. Even highly complex compositions at high resolution typically are rendered in less than 1 second.

Configurable. Built with an abstraction of processing widgets that are wired together, developers can easily design workflows to combine existing visual effects in novel ways, as well as introduce brand new effects.

Built for Mobile. The fast, server-side rendering permits users on even low-powered mobile devices to create and share stunning, personalized images without annoying delays.

Pijaz’s cloud-based platform easily scales to meet demanding performance and production needs.

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Pijaz can offer:


Email campaigns Agency requests for brand, marketing and viral solutions. Artist inquiries for developing new themes.


Pijaz is designed to increase the effectiveness of communication.

welcome to pijaz

{ 'pijaz' rhymes with 'pizzazz.' }

Deliver amazing content that is more: interactive, personal and engaging

Introducing pijaz ZD media personalization platform.

Engaging users has never been easier, or yielded better results. The interactivity and visual effects of pijaz ZD are designed to surprise and delight viewers.

Fast server-side rendering enables consistent, comprehensive interactive experiences across all devices and browsers with zero compatibility challenges.

Add impact to:

Here are a few examples of what's possible.

This photo mosaic poster was generated from 2000+ personal photos. Absolutely any shape is possible. Even gigapixel mosaics for large posters can be produced in a matter of seconds.

2014 photo mosaic

Pijaz can generate rich photo album pages that can be personalized in entirely novel ways such as the cookie icing and special effects on photos:

Photo album page

With Pijaz, it's easy to simulate any kind of retro photo:


Any artist creations can become personalized art, such as in this scrapbook style greeting card:

Scrapbook style

Any combination of social feeds, product placements and personalizations can be combined into a compelling theme:

Hunter Pence

This wall of frames can be instantly filled in from any photo collection:

Wall of frames

Create visually rich social portals that draws from many information sources:

Social portal

See for yourself with our pijaz composer. Share your creations with others if you wish.


Mosaics can be turned into 3D video effects:

See how pijaz can be used for a mobile "compose and share" experience.

Try pijaz for yourself at our social site

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We are constantly exploring new ways of using the pijaz platform. This portfolio of images showcase some of our ideas and proof-of-concepts

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We'd love to hear from you with your inquiries, ideas and feedback.

solution provider who wishes to enhance a new or existing solution.

agency who builds compelling brand and marketing campaigns.

artist / photographer / graphic designer who wishes to explore a new interactive medium.

developer who builds cool stuff.

other individual interested in pijaz.

our story

Pijaz is a small, skilled team with extensive industry experience in imaging, platform solutions, and UX design. The current product is three years in the making that leverages 20 years of know how in variable data publishing, digital imaging, workflow automation, and web solutions.

Motivated by a desire to bring style, emotion and personal expression to how we communicate, the team created a dynamic imaging platform that lets anyone create the kind of art-like images that were previously the exclusive domain of skilled designers and artists.


Pijaz was founded by startup veterans who are passionate about creating powerful platforms that enable amazing experiences.

michael hoffman


Michael has served as an executive of a wide variety of startups including 15 years delivering solutions for various variable data publishing and personalized marketing ventures. He also brings a strong understanding of brand and marketing from his Nike Digital Sport role, as well as disciplined large scale solution platform delivery at Google/YouTube.

chad phillips


Chad brings 10 years of executive experience delivering all aspects of software solution development and commercial deployment, with broad expertise in infrastructure automation, cloud solutions, and web technologies.


Matt Schmunk

Matt advises pijaz on design and brand. His experience with Disney, Lego, Nike, Adidas and others brings invaluable insights to the company.


Pijaz offers designers and developers exciting new capabilities to incorporate into their designs and product offerings.

artists & designers

embrace a new medium

Have fun and share your art with the world. We welcome new additions to our social theme offering. Submit your idea to us as a Photoshop file and if your design is selected, our tech team will work with you to transform your static image into a dynamic pijaz theme


If you are an artist, photographer or graphic designer who wishes to explore a new dynamic medium, we'd like to hear from you.


new toys

The pijaz platform is easy to integrate into any experience via easy-to-use client-side javascript APIs. If you'd like to integrate pijaz into your offerings, we'd like to hear from you.